• Sarah Ballan

Block em, b*tch

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

You do not need 1000s of followers to be a social media influencer. We are all influencers. When you post on social media, you are mass-informing your following of your whereabouts. Stories and posts keep everyone in the know. When we do find a romantic connection, we immerse ourselves in the other person’s every (electronic) medium: text, facebook, instagram, etc. We spend our days tagging each other in memes and exchanging 10-second snaps. What happens when you stop seeing each other? Is it ok to remove someone from the digital realm? The answer is YES. Your social media is your domain. If you have a positive relationship with a person, you will gain pleasure in watching their selectively happy posts. If someone is poisoning your page, you have the power to push them right the fuck out.  

When you feel unsettled about an individual it is best to unfollow that person. This can be misconstrued as immature, but I argue its emancipating. Stop seeing stuff that makes you suffer! Don’t torture yourself by relying on social media to relay facts about another person’s life. If he or she wants you to be a part of it, your effort will be reciprocated.

Spotty and elusive people do not deserve to come and go as they please. People that don’t prioritize you should not be privy to all your personal info. Let them wonder. Let them realize what they screwed up, because when they come back around - and they always always do - you’ll be so far gone and much better off.

If you want to restrict what they know about you too, it’s ok to block them if they follow you. I was casually seeing a guy, let’s call him Carter, for months. He texted me daily but was always cancelling plans as if my time did not matter. I would go over to his apartment and become temporarily satisfied, only to feel empty as soon as I left and reality hit that we weren’t going to continue our connection outside of that single interaction, aside from a slew of texts, or until the next time either of us felt lonely. Although I cared about him and truly wanted to see where things could go, I broke it off when I realized it was just a bunch of cyclical crap. Months later he continued to reach out and “like” my posts. Although his name does not naturally pop up on my feed, he was still all up in my shit. Blocking him allowed me to take back the power.

2019 vibes: Make a conscious decision to learn. Break a toxic pattern of going back to the same guy (or girl) because it is comfortable and guaranteed great sex. Silence speaks volumes as to how you feel deep down. Your emotions are information. Listen to what the voice inside your head is telling you. Setting boundaries are not only important, but imperative. Set a standard for yourself and uphold. No exceptions.

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