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Chance Encounter Part 1

Last night, at around 11:30pm I was sitting in the lobby of my building, chatting with my good friend and doorman, Dave*. I have lived in the building for three years, and although there are ten floors and multiple units, I have only met a handful of other residents. I still don’t even know everyone on my hall! Every morning I hear someone playing peaceful piano music through the walls, but after years of hearing this soothing sound I still do not know the face attached to those talented fingers.

I live among an older crowd of people who generally like to keep to themselves, and at this late hour on a random, cold Wednesday *basically winter* night, it was safe to assume that most residents were buried under a bundle of blankets in bed. But I wasn’t tired. I was hyped up from teaching an awesome spin class at 7:30pm, packed almost to the brim with riders, occupying 45 out of 46 of the bikes in the stadium. High on endorphins and energy.

Although I absolutely LOVE what I do, my sporadic schedule is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, I can sleep in some days and take naps here and there, and most importantly stay active instead of slaving away behind a screen from 9-5pm. That part rocks. The shitty part is having so much free time and figuring out how to make it count. How to feel accomplished and get sh*t done. Of course, I do other things to fill my time (and make more money), as most people in this industry do. It’s an unofficial requirement to have more than one job if you work in the fitness realm. Most fitness professionals I know are simultaneously actors, dancers, singers, models, writers, you name it.

I chose this field because it a) keeps me in shape b) keeps me SANE, and c) gives me the freedom to pursue other things I am passionate about.

I’ve had the time to take countless writing classes and workshops during my post-grad years in NYC. To me, the most useful part of these courses is accountability. Other people depend on my work being finished on time, or else we would have nothing to discuss in group. If I have a huge chunk of time and no clear cutoff time I tend to procrastinate because I am human, duh. One of the reasons behind starting this blog is to hold myself accountable and produce content. Having the drive and the diligence is important, but the it helps to have direction and deadlines.

Dave knows I like to write. I have shared with him articles I’ve “ghost written” on behalf of important influencers for bigtime blogs. I told him I was serious about pursuing my passion for writing and last night he told me about Celine*, a published writer in the building who has written several books for children and young teens! I had to meet her.

“Can you connect us?” I asked.

“Absolutely. I’ll pass your information her way so the two of you can meet.” Dave’s the best.

Getting momentum is tough, even if you have the talent. I wanted to Celine’s brain and ask for suggestions on how to get started, which is the hardest part of any new venture. Did she have an agent? How does one get an agent? (p.s I am writing a book - that’s all I’ll say for now - you’ll just have to keep up *subscribe*).

No more than five minutes later, into the lobby walked Celine.

Dave’s eyes lit up as he jumped out of the chair. “We were just talking about you.” Confused Celine raised her brow. “This is Sarah,” he continued. “she lives in the building and wants to be a writer.”

I’m not sure exactly what I believe in, in the spiritual sense, but clearly I was destined to meet this woman. Out of the one sixty-ish occupants in our building, 90% of whom I have never met, Celine was the one who happened to walk through the front door, moments after Dave’s mention. Is there such thing as a coincidence that strong?

Anyway...The two of us are getting coffee soon! Stay tuned for part 2.

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