• Sarah Ballan

Why I Write

Updated: Oct 30, 2018


I write for me. I started journaling as an outlet. A safe space for me to literally word-vomit on the page. Candid content. If I’m really in the zone, my writing and thinking becomes linear. When I transcribe real events and true feelings, my work becomes my therapy.

In today’s society, especially with the omnipresence of social media in particular, it is easy to present a curated, usually positive, image of oneself.

We selectively display moments of joy and success: announce our new job or promotion on Facebook. Upload a “candid” picture on the beach to Instagram.

An outsider peering into my public profiles might assume I am always positive, happy, and successful. However, I do let stupid sh*t bring me down. I've been fired. Twice. Almost three times. I've been ghosted.

The Truth Is

Behind all of the filtered content, #everybodystruggles. We all have moments of weakness and hardship that maybe even lead to our successes. Imperfections make people interesting. The backstory of one’s success is often more intriguing than the end result. The most personal and “shameful” moments evoke the greatest empathy. My writing is real. Not sugar-coated. No bullshit. Raw. Unfiltered. Sharing these thoughts allows me to be vulnerable, so that all walls collapse and the truth comes out, making it easy to trust.

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